Icon Volleyball Club


ICON offers Volleyball Camps For Athletes At All Skill Levels. Registration begins in May and Volleyball Camp starts in June. These programs offer specific personal training for specific skill sets.  Volleyball camps prepare athletes for the upcoming season and keeps athletes fit, focused and game ready.

Our summer programs focus on team awareness skills, strength training, and player development. Skill specific programs are offered in passing, serving, hitting, setting, and blocking, as well as positional responsibility.

We are focused on improving all aspects of our athletes’ game.


Clinics (year round)

Great for athletes that are new to volleyball. Athletes will develop technical volleyball skills, individual skills and effective on the court strategies.  Current ClinicsSee Clinics Flyers on Welcome page

Setting | Hitting |Serving

Setters learn proper hand position, footwork, and leadership skills. Execution of various sets and patterns in game situations, run different offenses, on court decision-making.

The volleyball serve is the only skill where a player has complete control of the ball. Players will learn proper toss, arm swing and ball contact. Different types of serves and serving placement will also be covered.

Youth Camp

Designed to teach your team how to work together and function in a team environment. Focus is on technical volleyball skills to master the ball as well as decision making.

Jr High School Camp

Prepare your skills for the upcoming Middle School volleyball season with this camp. Focus is on (speed and strength training), passing, serving, hitting, setting, and blocking as well as team responsibilities.

High School Camp

High School Camp prepares your body and skills for the upcoming High School season. This camp is geared for those entering or currently attending High School (14+ years of age)

Advanced Camps are recommended for the High School athletes and club players with a commitment to the sport and the motivation to take their game to the next level.

Sand Camp

Outdoor Sand Camp is great opportunity to improve vertical strength. Take advantage of a smaller court size. Athletes improve indoor volleyball skills and prepare them for High School Tryouts. Train and have fun in the sun!

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